Handbook of Religion and Health (2nd Edition, 2012)

Harold G. Koenig, Michael E McCullough, and David B. Larson.  NYC, NY: Oxford University Press, 2012.  (Note:  This is the most frequently cited text on the subject of Spirituality and Healing.  It is a virtual storehouse of information for anyone interested in the subject.  This work reviews the more than 3,000 articles in the medical literature on the subject of spirituality and health.

God, Faith, & Health, by Jeff Levin

John Wiley & Sons, 2001.  This is an excellent review of the literature showing the role spirituality plays in health and healing.   One can only wish for a new Edition that would bring the findings up to date.  Recommended as an introduction to the subject.

The Psychology of Relgion and Coping: Theory, Research, Practice

Kenneth I. Pargament.  New York:  The Guildford Press, 1997.

Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy: Understanding and Addressing the Sacred

Kenneth I. Pargament.   New York:  The Guildford Press, 2007.

Spiritual Transformation and Healing: Anthropological, Theological, Neuroscientific and Clinical Perspectives

Ed. by Joan D. Koss-Chioino and Philip Hefner.  New York: AltaMira Press, 2006.

God, Faith and Health: Exploring the Spirituality-Healing Connection  

Jeff Levin, PhD. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons, 2001.

The Science of God:  The Convergence of Scientific and Biblical Wisdom

Gerald L. Schroeder, PhD. New York: Free Press, 1997.   

The Psychology of Religion and Spirituality

Eds. by Raymond F. Paloutzian and Crystal L. Park.  New York: The Guilford Press, 2005.  

The Hidden Face of God:  How Science Reveals the Ultimate Truth

Gerald L. Schroeder, PhD.  

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Thomas S. Kuhn.  Chicago:  The University of Chicago Press, 1996.

The Scientific Revolution

Steven Shapin.  Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1996.

Science and the Quest for Meaning

Alfred I. Tauber.  Waco, TX:  Baylor University Press.  2009.

Pascal’s Fire: Scientific Faith and religious Understanding

Keith Ward.  Oxford England: One World Publications, 2006.

Spiritual Information: 100 Perspectives on Science and Religion

Ed. Charles L. Harper, Jr.  Philadelphia:  Templeton Foundation Press, 2005

When Science Meets religion: Enemies, Strangers, or Partners?  

By Ian G. Barbour.  HarperSanFrancisco, division of Harper-Collins, 2000.

The Case FOR Religion

Keith Ward.  Oxford, England: One World Press, 2004.  

Why There Almost Certainly Is a God: Doubting Dawkins

Keith Ward. Oxford, England: A Lion Book, Lion Hudson p1c, 2008.

The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Science

Ed. by Philip Clayton; Assoc. Ed. Zachary Simpson.  Oxford, england:  Oxford University Press, 2006.

Science & Religion: From Copernicus to Darwin (1450-1900)

Richard G. Olson.  Baltimore:  Jones Hopkins University Press, 2004.

Religion And Science: Historical and Contemporary Issues, A Revised and Expanded Edition of Religion in an Age of Science

Ian G. Barbour. New York: HarperCollins Publisher, 1997.  

Quantum Spirituality: A Postmodern Apologetic

Leonard I. Sweet.   Dayton, OH: Whaleprints, 1991.

God for the 21st Century

Ed. by Russell Stannard.  Philadelphia:  Templeton Foundation Press, 2000.

Galileo Goes to Jail: And Other Myths About Science and Religion

Ed. by Ronald L Numbers.  Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 2009.

The Psychology of Religion: An Empirical Approach, 3rd Ed.

Bernard Spilka, Ralph W Hood, Jr., Bruce Hunsberger, and Richard Gorsuch.  New York:  The Guilford Press, 2003.

“Spiritual Aspects of the Care of Cancer Patients.”

        E. A. Vastyan.  CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.  Vol. 36: Issue 2; 31, December 2008.  Wiley Online 

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