Spirit Matters
Honoring the Human Spirit through Story Snapshots

As the Institute for Spirituality and Health (ISH) celebrates its 60th anniversary, we asked a series of questions centered on spirituality, health, and inspiration to 60+ people throughout the United States (over half of them in Houston).

On a daily basis, the Institute is immersed in spirituality-centric conversations with everyone from long-term associates to the drive-by visitor who stops in, wondering what ISH is about. We wanted to know if the language we encounter each day is echoed by the wider population that does not walk through our doors. What does spirituality mean for people, and how much does it matter?

We found that the landscape of spirituality is textured and sometimes complicated, and without exception, stirs reflection and dialogue.

ISH thanks each person who participated in this dialogue. As part of this celebration, it is our privilege to share quotes drawn from the longer narratives, excerpts from reflections on “What comes up when people hear the word spirituality.”

Interested in hearing more about community perceptions around kindness, health, spirituality, or other topics that inspire people? We offer short brown bag presentations + discussions to engage individuals and organizations. To learn more, contact Susana McCollom at smccollom@ish-tmc.org.