Harmony: Spiritual and Cognitive Communion Through Music

Do you enjoy listening to music?  Have you ever wondered why?  Music pervades the history of human culture; what physical, psychological, and spiritual benefit does music confer on us as individuals and as communities, to have remained so universal?


Music stimulates virtually every area of the brain, making the psychological experience it triggers, and the transformations it induces, harder to measure and model.  Yet there is ample evidence that music has more than a recreational role in our development as a species and as individuals. It calls otherwise unresponsive dementia patients to their feet and even to sing.  It brought together the earliest communities and it brings people together in churches, synagogues (houses of worship), parties, and drum circles today.  Music seems inherently communicative, and psychological and neurological research is beginning to suggest that music and language are fundamentally intertwined.  

If these questions or possibilities spark your curiosity, please bring your unique ears and beliefs to our symposium, “Harmony: Spirituality and Cognitive Communion Through Music”.  Four professionals from the diverse intersections of music, spirituality, and health will offer their perspectives and invite your questions.



Anthony Brandt, Ph.D. – Do Minds Need Art?

Christof Karmonik, M.D. – The Neuroscience of Music

Christine Neugebauer – Music Therapy: Music as Mind Medicine

Cantor Daniel Mutlu – The Spirituality of Music

Event Details:

Tuesday, November 5th / 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church
Fondren Hall
5501 Main St
Houston, TX 77004